Born into struggle, BNB Entertainment hip-hop artist Quan was raised primarily by his father on the notorious Westside of Atlanta where violence, guns, drugs and hard times were a way of life. However he managed to wiggle through the systemic maze during his early childhood by traveling back and forth to Philadelphia to visit his mother. The only rap sheet the 20 year-old has ever had is the one that contains his poetic lyrics. 


Quan grew up submersed in hip-hop. His dad, a former rapper, engineer and producer, had a studio built in their home, which meant music was constantly being created and played. Whenever he was in Philly, his mother exposed him to the sounds of northern MCs leaving an undeniable mark on the impressionable youngster. As a result, he developed a deep appreciation for east coast lyricists while also respecting the pioneers of southern rap. His musical diversity, that includes possessing both a cultural and stylistic edge, has broadened his fanbase and is what separates him from his peers.


Traditional school didn’t stimulate Quan’s active and creative mind; he couldn’t stay focused and would goof off or skip class. He preferred to be playing basketball or recording. Instead, he graduated from a military high school with those collective educational experiences serving as content for his reality-based music. 


Quan subscribes to the quality over quantity mentality and thrives on pushing artistic boundaries. He is comfortable leaving his rap comfort zone to successfully parlay his talents into the r&b world by lacing tracks with his harmonious vocal abilities. It was also that same artistic confidence that led him to seek out and forge strong relationships with skilled producers on YouTube who provided him with a variety of melodic and bass-laden tracks. His hard work yielded him to complete and release a 3-song EP entitled I’m The Shit, which garnered critical street praise. From his use of witty metaphors to his intricate rhyme pattern, fresh ad-libs and wide-ranging beat selection, each song stands solid. You can hear the influence of TI (cockiness), Meek Mill (emotion) and Lil Durk (cleverness), however it’s no mistaking that Quan is his own man operating in his own lane in the game.


Whether the subject matter revolves around battles of the heart or in the hood, Quan possesses the characteristics (talent, hustle, unequivocal magic) that future legends are made of.