Reed Khoppas, the Atlanta artist by way of Dothan, Alabama, is known for his exceptional freestyling skills and chopped up flow. He is also a singer and a rapper who blends both styles into one. Looking to rule the r&b and rap kingdoms, the emerging star with universal appeal is poised for the next level of fame his talent demands.   


The multi-faceted 20 year-old was first introduced to music through singing gospel in the church along with his brothers where their mother sang lead in the choir. The boys’ youthfulness and powerfully soulful pipes brought their exceptional vocal gifts center stage and as a result, developed a cult-like following. They formed a travelling group called Brothers Together and shared their love of music with religious worshipers throughout the southeast. 


During his early teen years, Reed Khoppas began to separate from his spiritual values. He fell victim to the growing pains of being a high school student, going from getting bullied to bullying, all of which compounded his troubles in and out of school. One of his saving graces was music. He befriended a group of fellow classmates who were MCs, which is how he was introduced to hip-hop culture including dancing and he became obsessed. The guys would spend their waking hours recording at a mutual friend’s home studio and Reed Khoppas would add his smooth vocals to their jagged edged raps. The ambitious prodigy, filled with a wide range of emotions, was driven to get in the booth himself and take out his frustrations on the mic. What transpired was raw magic. It’s what birthed his hybrid identity as a crooner and rhymer. In 2018, his go-getter mindset, unparalleled work ethic and confident style put him on the map when he joined the elite talent roster of BNB Entertainment.


Inspired by Chris Brown and Kwony Cash equally, Reed Khoppas represents the soul as well as the struggle, the entertaining side as well as the real-life reality. He deals with these dualities in his music where he tackles topics that span from love, relationships and prosperity, to loss, depression and poverty. He embraces his personal truths, which has allowed him to attract a core fanbase that appreciates his authenticity. 


Currently in the studio working on a classic EP, the charismatic performer is grateful for his past experiences and the lessons learned, but is focused on the brightness of his future. Reed Khoppas isn’t a gambling man, but betting on himself has turned out to be the wisest risk he’s ever taken.