As both an r&b singer and a prolific rapper, 21 year-old Zae Chris balances his two musical identities seamlessly. Born in Dothan, Alabama and raised primarily in Decatur, GA, a suburb on the eastside of Atlanta, the BNB Entertainment artist is a modern day superstar in the making. 


Zae Chris grew up in the church. From an early age he was singing in the choir alongside his mother, who was a lead singer, as well as his brothers. The siblings eventually formed a gospel group called Brothers Together where they would travel and perform at various churches and religious functions throughout the southeastern region. During this time, Zae Chris further honed his vocal skills and developed a commanding stage presence that caused him to be drawn to the spotlight. 


Although firmly rooted in gospel, it was during his 8th grade year that he discovered and became engrossed in rap music. He and a few likeminded classmates merged their collective talents and started a hip-hop clique under the name of Guaranteed Rich. Their alliance was short-lived. While Zae Chris’ love for music ran deep, as he entered into his early teen years, he became a self-professed “hot head” and began running the streets. His tumultuous temper finally subsided when he returned to his musical roots and got back in the studio where he converted his pinned up tensions and frustrations into lyrics. As a result, the multi-talented wordsmith prides himself on authenticity and versatility. His music serves as a soundtrack to his life, which is full of all the joy and anguish that goes along with being young and alive. In 2017, he released a 5-track EP entitled So Do We that gained him a solid legion of followers.


Inspired by the likes of Chris Brown, K Camp, Drake and Young Thug, Zae Chris is focused on being the next big thing by completely being himself.