Bosses Never Broke

Al Bryan


AB is the founder and CEO of the multi-media dynasty BNB Entertainment (Bosses Never Broke), which was established in 2017. His career in the industry spans over two decades being that he was a child prodigy growing up in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands as a rapper and competitive break-dancer. Over the years he developed a reputation as an entertainer, entrepreneur and hip-hop impresario.


Born into a culture where drive, tenacity and hard work were expected, AB began to grow his vision when he discovered he had more of a desire to cultivate the careers of artists than to be one himself. Throughout his teen years and young adulthood, the intrinsic leader would travel to cities such as Miami, Atlanta and New York, his mother’s birthplace, where he would soak up the creative energy of the diverse communities. Those combined experiences led the multi-faceted powerhouse to launch his own company and make an indelible mark in the worlds of music entertainment.  


Before using his keen eye for cultivating talent and finding his artistic niche, AB worked in the automotive industry where he not only successfully managed a staff comprised of people twenty years his senior, but he also learned how multi-million dollar companies operated. He set out to apply the same business principles he learned in corporate America to the strategic development of his artists and independent record label. With an empire-building mindset, he visualized a blueprint where he took skilled yet raw artists and polished them into world-class superstars primed for the center stage. 


A self-admitted perfectionist, AB is intent on every artist, service, product and business endeavor under the BNB Entertainment arc being delivered at the highest level of quality. With a continued hunger for success, the astute businessman is dedicated to creating a legacy not just for himself and family, but also for the individuals around him. Following in the footsteps of the music moguls before him like Sean “Diddy” Combs, Sean “Jay Z” Carter, Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Percy “Master P” Miller, AB is looking to add his name to the pantheon of legendary greats before him.