Swavez’s hip-hop DNA is comprised of the explosiveness of Tupac, the fearlessness of Shawty Lo and the lyrical acumen of Cyhi the Prynce. Not only is he good in any hood as the voice of the streets, he can also out-spit any topnotch MC and has the vocal chops of an r&b heartthrob. Hailing from Hollywood Road on Atlanta’s Westside and off of the infamous stretch of highway formerly known as Bankhead, the 22 year-old lyrical wizard snaps on tracks like he’s got something to prove. And he does. He’s showcased his talents on multiple stages over the years, including opening for 2 Chainz protégé Skooly (Rich Kidz) and he’s primed for his solo spotlight. 


While his neighborhood was riddled with crime and the usual inner city savagery, Swavez steered clear of becoming a statistic by learning from other people’s mistakes. He witnessed and quickly comprehended the outcome of being about that life and made a conscious effort to focus on his passions and turn his pain into profit through the art form of rap. His love for music was a welcomed distraction from the day-to-day challenges he endured growing up in the hood. In middle school he and several friends would bang on lockers, desks, tables and chairs using their hands or a pencil to improvise beats they could freestyle to. Receiving encouragement from their classmates, the young boys formed a group and recorded a hit record that went viral. However, their crew disbanded shortly thereafter, but Swavez continued on as a solo artist. For him rapping was more than a hobby, it was his world.  


At one point in his young teens, he arrived at a crossroads where he considered taking the perceived easy route to success by hustling. It was at Carver School of the Arts that he received the guidance of a supportive and resourceful teacher who connected him with other serious young creatives. Swavez got re-focused and flourished in every way, even becoming a straight A student. That hunger to win led him to a chance studio encounter with the CEO of BNB Entertainment who reluctantly listened to the rapper freestyle. Needless to say his talents were so impressive he was offered a record deal on the spot. One of his not so secret weapons is his imaginative wordplay; he paints stories with cinematic attention to detail that brings his rhymes to life.


With several projects already under his entrepreneurial belt, Swavez is looking to revolutionize the industry and influence multiple genres.