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Hailing from Hollywood Road on Atlanta’s Westside and off of the infamous stretch of highway formerly known as Bankhead, the 22 year-old lyrical wizard snaps on tracks like he’s got something to prove. And he does


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Reed Khoppas, the Atlanta artist by way of Dothan, Alabama, is known for his exceptional freestyling skills and chopped up flow. He is also a singer and a rapper who blends both styles into one. Looking to rule the r&b and rap kingdoms, the emerging star with universal appeal is poised for the next level of fame his talent demands.


Born into struggle, BNB Entertainment hip-hop artist Quan was raised primarily by his father on the notorious Westside of Atlanta where violence, guns, drugs and hard times were a way of life. However he managed to wiggle through the systemic maze during his early childhood by traveling back and forth to Philadelphia to visit his mother. The only rap sheet the 20 year-old has ever had is the one that contains his poetic lyrics. 


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Inspired by the likes of Chris Brown, K Camp, Drake and Young Thug, Zae Chris is focused on being the next big thing by completely being himself.